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Create and control your web identity with an enviable website

Your website is the first impression of your company and speaks volumes about your work, not just in terms of the information that it carries but more importantly through the experience it gives to website visitors. While getting a website designed & developed, you need a partner with an industry specific approach and creative zeal.

Website design is a process of gathering ideas and information, planning on the ideas and information, creating the ideas with a website structure, layout, navigation, photography, color, contrast etc on electronic page.

Creating a standard web design we need to be flexible in the grid-based layout, images and media queries and taking charge also as the designer. Miracle web technology is always in charge and flexible when it comes to web designing, beautifying your ideas of business with our creativity in web designs keeping in mind your business goals.

A web designer does not just determine the look of the web page only, he work on the user interaction design, user interface design and user experience design.

User Interaction Design: This involves the website easy to use.

User Interface Design: This involves making the website functional including the tools for users to accomplish task.

User Experience Design: This involves knowing the users, their needs and how they interact with the product.

In Miracle web technology India our web designers work effectively on user interaction design, user interface design and user experience design making web easy to use for users.

We design a responsive website by putting into consideration the following:

FRONT END DESIGNS: These are designs that relate directly with the browser. They are graphics design, image production, interface design, java scripting, and information design on user.

BACK END DEVELOPMENT: The back-end deals with the programs and scripts that resident on the server. These programs and scripts are behind the scene, and are responsible for the dynamic and interactive functions of every web page. The tasks at the back-end include forms processing, database programming, content management systems and optimizing server web application using PHP, ASP.NET, Java and other programming languages.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: Content management is essential for the functionality and relevancy of every website. Critical to every website is content, message and user interface which must not be underestimated for the effectiveness and success of any particular website.

Therefore Miracle Web Technology researched well every content we use, structured it appropriately, brand optimized, logically organized and user friendly.

MULTIMEDIA: This is an essential part of every website in today’s internet world. Multimedia includes audios, videos, animation and interactive games that enhance the delivery of the website content and message. Multimedia brings a personal connection with users and registers the website brand, function and benefits to the minds of visitors and subscribers.

Every web page is a combination of codes and texts pull together and structure through several programming languages. Some of these programming languages are basic and form the base for every website or web pages on the internet. HTML and CSS which is Cascading Style Sheets is essential for anyone who desire to function in the world of website development.

If you desire to focus on front-end web development, JavaScript is highly needful plus some back-end technicalities like server configurations, database and site performance. This we offer at our very best without difficulties.



Hyper Text Markup Languages (HTML) is the language used to structure and create web pages. HTML had gone through several upgrades, and the HTML5 is currently under usage. HTML is a markup language use to identify and describe the various component of a document such as headings, paragraphs and lists.



While HTML deals with the structure of a web page, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) handles the look, that’s the presentation of the web page. Style sheet focus on the fonts, colors, background images, line spacing, page layout, and everything that deals with having a superb feel of the web page.

Style sheets are a great tool to every website. Though a website can be publish using HTML alone and the browser default styles but the presentation will be greater when a custom style sheet runs through the web page giving it a delightful look. Proficiency at CSS is mandatory for anyone thinking of professional website designing.

j-query & AJAX


JavaScript is a scripting language used to add interactivity and behaviors to web pages. It is used to manoeuvre the elements on a web page, the style applied to those elements or the browsers. JavaScript is used to validate form entries, swap style of an element or entire website, male browser to remember information about a user for their next visit and building widget interface such as expanding menu and other functions.

As a Professional web developers in Miracle Web Technology we are expert in the use of JavaScript and its function.

SERVER: We build website on server which is a combination of several web applications and these web applications handled all necessary functionality of a website. It stores files, database and keep hackers off when necessary security measures are initiated. It also gives room for commercial websites have more functionality that’s always active such as form processing, shopping carts, content management, pages generation, databases and several other essential function always being handled by the server.

SOFTWAREThere are numerous tools available to help you create web pages faster and more efficiently. These tools are structure to function as “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get) interface with shortcuts that save you from typing repetitive HTML and CSS. These tools would speed up the process of designing a website but do not excuse you from learning HTML, CSS and other programming languages.

Here is a list of the most common and necessary tools for website design.

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver: This tool still dominates the industry due to its relatively clean code and advance features.
  2. Nvu is an open source tool used for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. it matches many features in Dreamweaver.

HTML Editors: These are not “WYSIWYG” tools. These tools are used to write HTML code but are only visual through the help of a browser. Here is a list of editors.

  1. Text Pad
  2. Sublime Text
  3. Text Mate

Image drawing and editing software: Every website needs images. These tools come handy for every image edit and drawing.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Adobe Fireworks
  4. Corel Draw

You need file transfer protocol program to upload your design to your server, if you did not use content management software to create your website. Here is a list :

  1. FileZilla
  2. AceFTP
  3. Cyberduck

Miracle web technology India is the best in software application working it out perfectly for a responsive, user easy website.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just give us a call or request a quote and we would more than happy to help you!

We are all aware of the growing significance of the Internet in our lives. Businesses cannot afford to neglect this medium in order to reach a wider target audience for their products or services. A website can be an invaluable investment for a new business and can even provide a fresh lease of life to an old, traditional and diminishing business.

Rich websites enable potential and existing consumers to learn about your products, services and provides them with a sense of ownership towards your company.

A good quality website helps clients to effectively pick, choose and order your products online. Millions of people search the internet looking for products or services, which you may have but would be unable to reach you in the absence of a richly designed, professional website.

Building a website for your company can be a devastating experience for clients, who tend to get lost in the ocean of technology like a boat in rough weather.

We at Miracle Web Technologies provide you that much needed beacon of light. Our web consultants hold your hand and guide you through the process, thereby making the whole-experience customer-friendly, cost-effective and stress-free.

Miracle Web Technologies web design services feature a complete gamut of web services be it a single landing page or a fully blown search engine friendly, e-commerce website.

Why are we different?

We provide complete web design solutions including graphic design, domain registration, web hosting, free email and search engine optimization. Our specialty services feature flash multimedia, print graphics, online marketing, web promotions, technical support and e-commerce. Technically, our web design services include creation of high quality design/layout creation using Photoshop, PSD to Joomla, PSD to CSS/XHTML and PSD to CMS (e.g. Joomla, WordPrss) with language conversion options on web pages.

Our core web design team is adept in technical skills like most other good web design firms but at the same time also feature-

  • Unique and custom designs for clients
  • Commitment with dedication
  • Honest, down to earth approach
  • Cost-effective and timely delivery

At the end of the day, it is the traffic and sales through your website that makes all the difference. Our competent team comprising of content writers, SEO experts, programmers and online marketing experts ensure that your voice is audible on the internet and your site does not get lost with the million other similar sites on the net.

Website Design

Miracle Web Technologies offers comprehensive website design services boasting of highly scalable designs, well thought out graphics and layouts. Leveraging our experience across industries, we have been able to deliver unique, hand-crafted, innovative and user friendly design solutions. Our strong team of UI and Graphic Designers create layout concepts based on clients’ requirement, branding-aesthetical guidelines, industry best practices, and market trends.

HTML5 Websites

Miracle Web Technologies expertise in developing interactive and visually rich responsive HTML5 websites. Our development team understands functionality and syntax of elements, effects, and features offered by HTML 5, CSS 3,and Javascript. We ensure that coding of all webpages is SEO optimized, structured, and commented, so that you can gain maximum out of this technology.

Annual Maintenance

Miracle Web Technologies enables you to keep your website updated and consistent in performance with through website maintenance services. A professional AMC takes away all your worries related to website updates while ensuring flawless website performance through periodic backups, bug fixing, etc. It allows you to have all your recent achievements, new offerings, deals and other information updated on the website as and when desired.

Content Writing

Our years of experience have made us familiar with the kind of tone and language that is required to present businesses to the world and capture the reader’s attention. We carry expertise in creative writing, technical writing, US, UK & Indian English writing style. With a strong team of creative writers, technical writers, SEO experts, we command expertise in content development entirely based on the purpose, industry and target readers.