Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of creating ideas or experience in a visual context. Advertisement, publication, presentation, or website are presented in an attractive way to attracts attention, add more beauty to the appearance of the message and the message is more valued.

Necessary step for graphic design

You should have the understanding of the following before starting graphics design.

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. Why the message?
  3. The message appearance
  4. Aims and objectives of the message
  5. Organizing text and graphics
  6. Select your format and layout design
  7. Select styles, sizes, faces, and spacing types
  8. Graphics manipulation
  9. Proofreading
  10. Editing and final touch

Miracle Web Technology India graphics designer are well grounded in the knowledge of designing and so the consider your audience and message to choose the right graphics design to get the attention of the intended audience.

LAYOUTS : A layout is the arrangement of types and graphics on a printed presentation, advertisement, website etc. Our creative layout has always met the purpose of the message with information and graphics correctly align for good viewing of the readers and getting their attention.

CREATING EFFECTIVE LAYOUT : To create an effective layout

  • Know the purpose of the publication or website
  • Have the message with you before choosing layout
  • Choose the right media for your message
  • Identify your audience
  • Write and design the publication, presentation, website etc keeping in mind the interest of your audience

Why choose Miracle Web Technologies for your logo requirement?

Miracle Web Technologies provides economic logo design services featuring unique graphic designs, customer support and return on your investment. This makes us the most preferred vendor for most small and large businesses worldwide. Some of our key features are enlisted here:

We at Miracle Web Technologies’ strive hard to beat customer expectations by working in sync with our clients with a sense of ownership for their businesses. Our knowledgeable and experienced logo team analyzes your competition and understands your business goals prior to developing a design for you.

  • Miracle Web Technologies is the preferred vendor for ad agencies, which outsource their logo requirements to us
  • We provide 100% original and unique concepts for your business
  • We offer good after sales customer support
  • We give unlimited revisions for your logo till the time you are completely satisfied
  • We offer great bargains and discounts from time to time to benefit our loyal consumers
  • Our packages are cost effective and fully functional

Our graphics designer organizes layout clearly for readers to easily understand the message of the publication, presentation, website etc. Our graphics designer will arrange and lay emphasis on an important message to help reader read through with understanding.

Steps to organizing a good layout

Miracle web technologies India we work out the best by making graphics design captures the attention of readers, Information is different from everything around it to make it noticed before communication and our design is read relevant to the audience and its environment.

To get readers attention we use enlarge pictures, surround small elements with a lot of with space, consider bright colors for designs that will be viewed in dark environment, use black and white boldly and set important images and information typically.

ELEMENTS OF DESIGN : The primary elements of design are line, shape, color, texture, size, value and space. These elements can produce different application depending on how they are being applied by the graphics designer.

LINES: it joins two points, either straight, curve, thin, fat etc. line can be used to arrange information, stress words, connect information, outline photos, creating a grid etc

SHAPES: shapes have width and height. The types of shape include geometric, natural shape and abstract shape. Shape can be used for cropping images, symbolizing idea, highlight information and create new format

TEXTURE: This is the surface look or feels on the design. Visual texture and tactile texture improve the look and feel of the design. Textures can be used to give personality to design, contrast, provoke the eye and give richness and depth to design

SPACE: it is the distance between or area around things. Space can be use for separating, highlighting and guiding eye rest.

Size: it is the relative dimension of an object, either large or small. Size is very important to make the design attractive. Text and objects are bigger in size according to their order of importance, the bigger the size of a text or object the more attention it gets.

VALUE: it is the lighting reflection of an area, either dark or light. From the lightest color to the darkest color each of it has a value. Value differentiates, suggests state of mind, brings more meaning to its content.

COLOR: colors shows mood of the message, create images, call attention and identify objects. Before choosing a color for a publication or web page you need to know the message and purpose of the site or publication to know the right color to choose. Color can be used to identify important text like headlines and subheads, attracts attention, create mood, provoke emotion and for grouping and ungrouping elements.

PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN There are four principles of design which help determine to use the elements of design. They are balance, emphasis, rhythm and unity.

BALANCE: every element on a layout has a visual weight which is determined by size, brightness, darkness and thickness of lines. There are two types of balance symmetric and asymmetric balance. Symmetric balance has to do with an arrangement of elements so that they are well distributed. Asymmetric balance has to do with an arrangement of different objects with same weight on each side of the page.

RHYTHM: You create Rhythm by repeating elements that vary. Rhythm allows placement of element repeating similar shape in different area of a layout, alternating dark, light, bold and thin type.

EMPHASIS: The first to be noticed on a design is emphasized. Every design needs a focal point i.e an eye drawer. To many focal points on a design will also defeat its purpose.

UNITY: All the headlines, sub-headlines, photographs, graphics image and captions must go as one piece, all element looking like they belong to each other.

Avoid the following problem in graphics design

Whether it is a letterhead, brochure or business card, the logo is the first thing that makes the initial statement about your business. A craftily designed logo stays in the mind of the viewer for long and helps to develop a positive brand image of your firm. Do not rush with your logo designs and try to get the best design with us rather than trusting other cheap, low quality logo design providers as re-branding costs can be quiet high.

An inexpensive logo design service may not necessarily be good as it may fail to apply the current marketing trends in its design and provide you with a stale version of your logo. You will have to get that logo redesigned through some other logo design service, which in turn will become a costly affair.

We provide free logo design consultancy. If you have an idea about your logo and would like us to idolize it for you, simply call us to get complete assistance.

Please note that Miracle Web Technologies does not offer free designs. The consultation is free although we will charge for your logo designs. Our charges are very reasonable so our logo package offers the best value for investment to our clients. We are sure that you will not find another logo design service with the skill set and processes that we use for our clients.

Miracle web technologies India will design graphics using all elements correctly considering the principles of graphics. You will not regret working with us

So, what are you waiting for?

Just give us a call or request a quote and we would more than happy to help you!

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